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Passion for volunteerism

Kuantan, June 25 - The spirit of volunteerism need to be nurtured in every student. Educating and promoting the culture of volunteering are among the informal way of learning process to maturate an individual. 

At least, that is what Muhammad Alif Mahiddin, 24, a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering student at Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), thinks of his volunteerism activities.

"As a student we have to equip ourselves with as much knowledge as we can, not only through conventional learning ways in lecture rooms, but also knowledge and experience gained outside the campus through activities with the community," he said.
Muhammad Alif who is more popular as Alif, said that students can also be the best example for the community. Volunteerism programmes can produce students who are responsible and responsive to social and current issues. 

The Johor-born Pasir Gudang added, the out campus activities were very important in developing self-esteem and preparing each individual to the outside world well as teaching the true meaning of life.

Alif added that he was lucky to be given opportunity to join social service programmes hosted by the university in the support of MyGift and Community University initiatives, programmes that provide the widest opportunity for students to join and experience volunteerism. 

He also shared his valuable experiences in leading the Community Economic Development Programme (CEDP), in which his groups helped to provide guidance, encouragement and motivation to the converts in Kampung Sepinang Segamat in the cultivation of Volvariella Mushrooms. 

This effort does not only gives benefit to the villagers in terms of income generation but also gives them exposure and knowledge in agricultural and business.

He added that the impact of this programme can be seen through the improvement of skills and income of those groups. Indirectly it has a positive impact on society.

Alif has wide experience in other volunteers and social service programmes including the Young Leadership Interaction Camp, Kilauan Mutiara Project and the Pahang Young Pioneer Excellence Programme as well as Global Student Outreach Programme in Thailand and Japan. All the experience gained from this programmes will surely be remembered for the rest of his life and Alif will continues to serve as long as his service is still needed. 


Origin        : Pasir Gudang, Johor
Date of birth    : 30 July 1994
Place of birth    :  Johor Bahru
Siblings    : 2
Motto        : ‘Desire is nothing without discipline’

• Silver Award
Creation, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition (CITREX) 2018

• Best Community Service Student Award 
Majlis Anugerah Kokurikulum & Sanjungan Pelajar 2017 UMP

• Silver Award
Kongres Duta Jauhar 3.0

• Bronze Award
Jauhar Ambassador Congress 2.0