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9 in a family graduate at the same time

9 in a family graduate at the same time

“People who succeed in life are those who see the direction. Strength comes not only from a physical standpoint alone, but it comes from the spirit of never give up.”

This saying is the life philosophy of Datuk Mokhtar Samad, 73, who is the Honourable Advisor for the Malaysian Bumiputera Contractors Association (PKBM).

His busy career in the construction field since 46 years ago is not an obstacle for him to gain knowledge at UMP.

He managed to complete his study in the Executive Master in Project Management under the UMP Advanced Education (UAE) and awarded the Lifelong Learning Professional Award at the 14th Convocation of the UMP on 16 and 17 November 2019.

It is a glorious moment for his family when he is sharing the stage with his wife, Datin Neng Hayati Hayatullah Md. Ali, along with his five children and two children-in-law.

“The young generation today must possess the spirit of lifelong learning,” he said.

His wife, Datin Neng Hayati Hayatullah Md. Ali, the Chairman of the Bureau of Women and Welfare of Malaysian Bumiputera Contractors Association, also expressed her gratitude when she managed to complete her study with her family. She was also proud when her husband received the award.

Their son, Mokhzani Mokhtar said, learning together made their relationship to grow stronger, and they made sure they could graduate together.

Apart from Mokhzani, the convocation stage was shared by Nurrul Maria Mokhtar, Mokhzairi Mokhtar, Muhammad Nabil Mokhtar, Nurrul Natasha Mokhtar, Natasha Dhabitah Mat Piah and Muhammad Hafizal Mohamad. They also completed their Executive Master in Project Management.