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Roommates awarded with Dual-Degree Programme Academic Excellence Prize

Roommates awarded with Dual-Degree Programme Academic Excellence Prize

It is definitely the sweetest memory for two roommates to share the stage during the first session of the 14th UMP Convocation Ceremony held at the Sports Complex, Gambang Campus today.
Nabilah Rosli, 25 and Ong Kai Li, 24, dual degree mechatronics students from Faculty of Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering Technology were awarded with Dual-Degree Programme Academic Excellence Prize - Verein Deutscher Ingenieure Award (Association of German Engineers).

Terengganu-born Nabilah and Penang born Ong Kai Li expressed their gratitude and excitement for being able to finish their study on time. 

Cultural differences was never a reason for this two best friends to share their thoughts and ideas in carrying out assignments given by their lecturers.

According to Nabilah, she has always adhered to the principle of ‘Hablum Minallah Hablum Minannas’ which carries the purpose of maintaining a relationship with Allah SWT and with other humans. 

Daughter to Rosli Ludin and Rohani Mamat believes that UMP is the best place to develop self-identity and personality. 

It is also the place for the students to gain knowledge on the latest technology development.

For Nabilah, there’s no easy way to success. One must always look for opportunities to move forward and do not easily give up for success never comes easy. 

Meanwhile, for six times dean’s award Ong Kai Li, she has always adhered to the principle of positive thinking is the key to success. 

She believes that “if we could have dreamed of success we would have achieved it”. As the saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

All the bitter-sweet memories gained throughout her studies years in UMP will be the most memorable moment in her life, especially the one gained during her six month mobility programme in Germany. 

The opportunity to study in Germany has benefited her in learning more on the country’s culture and technology. She even got the chance to learn their methods in educating younger generation. 

Ong Kai Li is now working at Vitrox Corporation Berhad as a Development & Research Engineer.

Besides Nabilah and Ong Kai Li, another recipient for this prize is Mitchell Enrique Kuansin, 24, who also received the Sabah Foundation's Excellence Award.

Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri
News Editor and Publisher