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Foreign Minister meets UMP campus community

Foreign Minister meets UMP campus community

Foreign Minister Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah attended a gathering with some 1,000 people at University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) that was held at Astaka Hall, UMP Gambang Campus on October 22, 2018.

Also present were UMP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim and the university’s management team.
It was held in conjunction with the International Food Festival organised by the international students and UMP International Office.

An array of sumptuous delicacies and dishes were displayed such as Algerian Baklava, Griwesh, Gribiya, Black and White Cake, Choco-vany, Vegetarian Pulao and Mutton Masala (Bangladesh), Dumpling (China), Vegetarian Biryani, Kholapuri Chicken and Chicken Soup (India), Chicken Karachi, Chicken Pulawo, Naan, Salad (Pakistan), Kebab and Mandy Khabsah (Yaman).

Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Daing Nasir said it was the Indera Mahkota MP first visit to the university as a Foreign Minister and it gave the opportunity for the campus community to be up close with him.

 “UMP has some 1,000 international students from 30 countries such as Yemen, Bangladesh, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan and Tunisia in both its campuses - Gambang and Pekan. 

“The festival showcases the diversity in food and cultures from all the countries. It also promotes the internationalisation agenda in which UMP community got the chance to experience cross-culture, enrich their learning and promote integration among the different races,” he added.

He said participation from community outside of UMP was also set to provide opportunities for them to experience different cultures and for them to be able to interact more closely with others.

“This would indirectly geared towards racial harmony and enhance unity in diversity,” he added.
He also said the international ambiance exuded provided interesting experience for local and international students.

Dato’ Saifuddin, in his speech, presented the Portfolio of Foreign Ministry, comprising Malaysia’s bilateral and political ties with other countries, based on geographical, geo-political, geo-economical and geo-diplomatic factors.