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“Kayuhan Merdeka UMP” Programme Highlighted the Merdeka Month Celebration

“Kayuhan Merdeka UMP” Programme Highlighted the Merdeka Month Celebration

Pekan, 30 August – In conjunction with the celebration of 61st National Day on 31st August, UMP organizes ‘Merdeka Ride’ involving 61 cyclists from various department. The routes starts at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, heading to UMP Library, Centre of Modern Languages & Human Science, ICT Centre, and ends up at Tun Abdul Razak Chancellery. Along the way, they stop by at Anakku Comel Nursery to distribute Jalur Gemilang and spread and boost the spirit of independence and love of the country to those children.

The arrival of the team were welcome by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni) Prof. Dato’ Dr. Yuserrie Zainuddin at the Tun Abdul Razak Chancellery. UMP held a number of interesting activities throughout the month of Merdeka, celebrated each year from 15 August till 16 Septembe. Among the activities are ‘Lensa Merdeka 61’ Fotography Competition, ‘Lensa Bakti’ Short Video Competiton, ‘Kemerdekaan 2018’ Exhibition and Merdeka Aspiration and Scholar Talk featuring professional photographer, Stefano Romano and finalist for 2016 Global Teacher Prize, Noorjahan Sultan. 
He said that through this programme, it can help to nurture thus foster the spirit of patriotism among UMP citizens. In addition, through this programme, it can also create the spirit of teamwork and strengthens the relationship among its citizens.
In the same event, was held the pre-launch of the Diversity Management Product Studies, which is Authentic, Dynamic, Altruistic and Human (Manusia) (A.D.A.M) by a group of UMP researchers headed by Centre of Modern Languages and Human Science lecturer, Dr. Munira Abdul Razak. The studies has been conducted since 2007 through learning among engineering students at this university.