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UMP holds life-saving programme to inculcate culture of empathy

UMP holds life-saving programme to inculcate culture of empathy


Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) recently held a “Let’s be a Hero” programme, coordinated by its student-representatives from the Residential College 3 (PEKA 3), in collaboration with the university’s Gambang Campus Health Centre, Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital (HTAA) and the Kuantan District Dental Care Centre.

Held on February 12, 2019, the programme was organized with the objective of inculcating the intrinsic virtues of concern and kind heart, as well as empathy towards the needy, among UMP students. 
According to Programme Director, Aisyah Yunus, 23, “Let’s be a Hero” also aimed to acculturate little-known healthy lifestyle via blood donation – through which drive, the students were also informed of the importance of organ donation to save lives – and dental hygiene.

She alluded that the programme contributions may seem small, but they do produce such big impacts, and at times, may even be life-saving.

“This is my second contribution in a blood donation drive, and it has been such a precious experience. I feel blessed and excited to be of service to the community,” exclaimed Nadzirah Azhary, who participated in the programme.  

For her, there should be more of such programme to expose the students to community service via blood donation drive.

Meanwhile, there were also potential blood donors who were declined, as they did not meet the strict prerequisites determined by the medical officers and nurses in attendance at the programme.

One such potential donor was UMP undergraduate Ummi Alia Mohd Zahari, 21; but she was not discouraged by the incident, and vouched to continue to contribute to the community through other channels.

“Since I could not contribute at the blood donation drive, I’ve taken the initiative to register as an organ donor, instead. Hopefully, someday this effort will help an ailing person in need,” she lamented.

With such programme, UMP hoped to boost the awareness and acculturate the trait of empathy among its students as the university endeavours to produce future high-quality wholesome and holistic graduates.