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UMP postgraduate student created her own skin care product - RenoSkin

One of the keys to success is high commitment, something postgraduate student Nor Mahirah Mustapha has showed for she is now a proud owner of her own skin care product called RenoSkin that has sold more than 25,000 units since 2016.

It is something that drives her to continue doing what she likes and help those suffering from sensitive skin while at the same time, able to pursue her studies too.

Nor Mahirah is a postgraduate student with the Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM).

Students like Nor Mahirah can be successful because Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is open in providing guidance to its students to become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is no longer an unfamiliar thing among them and it should be extended and included in the business syllabus so more students can be involved in business.

Nor Mahirah said the reality of the business world was that it had a lot of challenges that could help mould students to be more competitive, independent and courageous.

“These traits will help them face risks of the future once they graduated.

“They should not just hope to land jobs after completing their studies but on the contrary, they should create job opportunities for the society,” she added.

On dividing her time between studies and business, Nor Mahirah said one must be sensible in doing this so as not to compromise the quality of either one.

Looking at the onset of her business venture, Nor Mahirah said her product was the result of a research carried out together with her husband, Shahid Ali, who was at that time studying in the same university.

Her husband is now pursuing his doctorate degree at the Faculty of Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering (FKKSA).

On her product, Nor Mahirah said it was made from natural material and among the ingredients were coconut oil and rice bran.

“The focus is on those with sensitive skin. The product will moisturise and nourish the skin as well as make it fairer,” she added.

Nor Mahirah also said initially, the product was able to sell well because they were traded using free-cost marketing channel but now she was finding some difficulty to further expand her business due to financial constraint.

Despite the financial hiccup, she could still be proud of her product because she managed to engage agents in Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia as well.

It was her dream to have her product exported to other countries as well, making it a brand name at the international market.

For those who are interested to get the RenoSkin product, they can get from agents available throughout the country, or through the online shopping channel such as Lazada and Shoppe. For more information, they can visit its website at


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