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UMP QS 5 Star University to Pursue Good Values, Governance and Integrity

UMP QS 5 Star University to Pursue Good Values, Governance and Integrity

University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) one of the local technical universities has many success stories to tell. First, it can proudly claim itself to be the finest of all the technical universities, as it is the only one that was bestowed the 5 Star Rating by QS. Technically it claimed itself to be of equivalent of standard to research universities as it was the only one to receive the same as that of the research universities. This honor reflects the quality of teaching, research, publication and community services that it has undertaken that be leader of its pack. Not forgetting UMP has also undertaken many continuous improvement and innovation to its curriculum to meet future challenges which reflects UMP as a state of the art technical university,

In calculating a high education standard to produce a high quality and skill graduates (which part of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia’s Objective) UMP has moved from the conventional point of reference to sought new experience from established Institute of Higher Learning in Germany. This is further assist by a refine Strategic Plan that is value based, strategy focused and result driven. But the above is not enough for UMP. Apart from producing capable and competent graduates, it saw the need to instill good values among its stakeholders. To accomplish this objective, its Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM) through the financial assistance from Yayasan Pahang has established the formation of the Governance and Integrity Centre (FGIC). FGIC was establish with the preamble of and the belief of doing business ethically. Henceforth, it is necessary to have a culture that promotes and sustain ethical deposition and behavior among its stakeholders (staff, students and administrators) not only in good times but also when business survival is severely tested during times of crisis. This jives well with the aspiration of the new government in the pursuit of building a New Malaysia. The 1MDB scandal was really a test to all Malaysians and it is this defining moments that organizations will have to confront conflicts and decide on the strength of its belief. It is on the basis of this belief that UMP feels strongly as academic institution that it should make its presence felt in issues that is critically important to the nation. So FGIC was established with the intention of cascading good values to the stakeholders through research, publication, seminars and training. To further exert its role in the region and in the country at large, FGIC has establish links with the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (FGIC) and more recently on the 6th of August it has signed an MOU with the Malaysian Institute of Integrity (MII). One of the by-product of these initiatives is the development of the Anti-Bribery Management that was recognized by the Prime Minister’s Department and gained enormous publicity through the main stream media.

Although the 5-Star Ranking through QS, MyRA, MyMohes, Setara, the Financial Accountability Management-Index from the Audit Department of Malaysia gives a competitive edge to its branding, UMP feels strongly that the governance and integrity agenda is also a priority. Producing highly competitive and competent graduates is a must but UMP would fail if they become dishonest entrepreneurs and employees. Therefore, educating them with good virtues and values is a must so that they would not act dishonestly or being accountable in their undertakings in exchange for material and self-comfort of which is detrimental to the nation.


Prepared by Prof. Dato Dr Ishak Ismail, Profesor Dato Dr Hasnah Haron and Dr Irene Ting from FIM Governance and Integrity Centre, Universiti Malaysia Pahang