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UMP rewarded staff and community for quality service and exemplary work

UMP rewarded staff and community for quality service and exemplary work

A total of 149 University Malaysia Pahang (UMP) staff received the Excellent Service Award while 20 were recipients of the Excellent Performance Prize, which marked the university’s recognition of their quality services.

UMP also named KRT Taman Mutiara Perdana as the Best Community Partner, a show of the university’s dedication to get ahead with its communitising technology agenda.

The residents, with the help of experts from UMP, successfully carried out the One House One Garden Programme (1 Rumah 1 Kebun - 1R1K) where they managed to earn extra incomes individually as well as collectively as a community by selling vegetables, organic fertilisers and hydroponic sets.

The recipients were presented with the awards at the Quality and Innovation Day that was held at Astaka Hall, UMP Gambang Campus.

UMP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ir. Dr. Wan Azhar Wan Yusoff, in his speech said, there was a need for the staff to be more creative, innovative and smart in delivering work performance of better quality and integrity and each must be prepared to face any changes that would come with efforts taken to further strengthen governance in public service.

“Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) staff are part of the Malaysia public service component and they need to be more creative, innovative and smart in providing quality work, executing their duties with excellence and integrity.

“In the corporate and autonomous ecosystem, each staff should be more prepared to face any changes made to further strengthen governance in public service, to make it more effective, in line with the demands of the Industrial Revolution 4.0,” he said.

Professor Ir. Dr. Wan Azhar also said apart from the new restructuring exercise that emphasised on responsibility sharing and talent development, the management would now proceed to implement the ‘Pay for Performance’ or P4P - a performance management system that would involve several initiatives to enhance competency and efficiency.

“It is essential for UMP staff to continue increase their performance momentum, based on their duties and responsibilities at their respective departments.

“The capability to generate excellence based on consistent performance and good virtues are pertinent prerequisites to ensure UMP continue to excel, as defined in UMP 2021-2025 Strategic Plan,” he said.

Among the guests at the event were UMP Board of Directors’ Chairman, Dato’ Sri Ibrahim Ahmad and Scomi Transit Project Sdn. Bhd. Director, Rohaida Ali Baharuddin.

Rohaida also shared her experience, saying that in the context of Scomi which operated in more than 20 countries, there were challenges due to different cultures, languages and laws and this required quality consistency and adjustment by way of having clear and comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

As such, she advised UMP staff to be attentive and perceptive in their pursuit of knowledge and expertise and to have a mind-set shift so they would be more prepared in facing global challenges while leadership was the main key to the university’s excellence.

On the Excellent Service Award recipients and for the Industrial and Community Excellence Award category, Faculty of Technology, Chemical Engineering and Process lecturer Mohd Najib Razali was named the first recipient for the Industrial Cooperation Quality Award (Academic Staff) with second place went to Confucius Institute, Director Yong Ying Mei and third place to Earth Resources and Sustainability Centre (ERAS), Associate Professor Dr. Muzamir Hasan.
Mohd Najib had also produced the ‘G-Grease (Green Grease from Industrial Waste Oil)’ and ‘G-Treats (Bio-Coagulant Treatment)’ which had been accepted by two major market companies of consumer product - TNB Research Sdn. Bhd. and Orca GreenTech Sdn. Bhd.

For the Community Cooperation Quality Award (Academic Staff Category), Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology senior lecturer, Ts. Dr. Saifful Kamalusin Muzakir@Lokman was named as the recipient.

He was responsible in successfully implementing the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Programme that included promoting activities such as ‘Scientists Go to Village’ (Saintis Turun Ke Desa), ‘Lighting Up the Community’ and ‘Young Scientist Camp’.

He was also the person behind the initiative called, ‘Renaissance of Science Educators’ or R.O.S.E.

As for the Best Industrial Partner Award, UMP named CIDB Malaysia as the recipient. CIDB Malaysia was represented by CIDB Pahang Director, Saini Saidi.

The collaboration established between UMP and CIDB resulted in the creation of Building Information Model (BIM) for a national transformation involving high-impact projects that would change the country’s construction industry.

It involved the setting up of a BIM ecosystem, drafting of policies, transferring of technology and knowledge, developing human capital as well as infrastructure.

Under the BIM initiative, UMP had transformed the industry from one that was conventional-based to one that was digital construction-based, a move that supported the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and as outlined in the Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP).

As for the Best Community Partner Award, the residents’ association was represented by its Secretary Zulkhairi Md. Ghani.
Under the 1R1K programme, UMP lecturers taught residents the technology involved in using natural resources, greenery and urban gardening that helped them especially the housewives to earn extra incomes.

The community eventually took it upon themselves to continue with the initiative that generated produces as well as earnings for them.

Earnings derived from selling produces harvested from their gardens that the residents got to keep as individual earnings while the KRT also netted incomes through the Community Fund from selling AB fertilisers, organic fertilisers and hydroponic sets.

There were also four other awards presented at the event:

•    Occupational Safety and Health Excellent Award (AKKKP)

1.    Faculty Category – Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering Laboratory (FKKSA – CTMS)
2.    Residential College Category – Third Residential College
3.    Administration Category – Centre of Information Technology and Communication (PTMK)

•    Sports Award

1.    Best Male Athlete – Hairilamri bin Ibrahim (Assistant Librarian, Library)
2.    Best Female Athlete – Ts. Dr. Siti Rabiatull Aisha binti Idris Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Technology lecturer)
3.    Best Male Team – Fishing Team
4.    Best Female Team – Archery team

•    ICT Award (K-Portal)

1.    Academic Category – Centre for Modern Languages & Human Sciences (CMLHS)
2.    Administration Category – Library

•    Publication Award

Humanity and Social Science Category - Buku Pendidikan Tahfiz dan Kemahiran Insaniah by Dr. Rashidi Abbas, CMLHS Senior Lecturer.

Science, Technology and Medical Category - ‘Disaster in Malaysia Tomorrow is a Mystery’ by Dr. Youventharan s/o Duraisamy, Dr. Mohamad Idris Ali, Noram Irwan Ramli, Rokiah Othman and Mohd Arif Sulaiman.