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VC urges undergraduates to enrich their campus experience

VC urges undergraduates to enrich their campus experience



Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim said he wanted to see the leadership of Student Representative Council (MPP) 2018-2019 session play a bigger role in providing a world view for the university students so they would be more thoughtful and responsible in managing their welfares after leaving the campus life.

“As a leader, one must always remember this – respect should be earned, not demanded. The duty of MPP is to deliver an impactful leadership, one that is conducted with etiquette, professionalism and quality.

“The maturity of a leadership is distinguished by a sense for diplomacy, consultation and morality that should be picked up by MPP. That will be define their character and clout,” he said during the appointment and oath-taking ceremony held at Mangala Resort and Spa, Gambang on November 29, 2018.

Also present at the ceremony were Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni), Professor Dato’ Dr. Yusserie Zainuddin,  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation), Professor Dato’ Dr. Mashitah Mohd Yusoff and Chief Operation Officer/Registrar, Abd Hamid Majid.

Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Daing Nasir said interaction with the management by way of cordial and professional consultation should be maintained.

“The students will start to evaluate the performance and trustworthiness of all the student representatives in raising constructive agenda that will enrich their experience in campus.

“On this, among the important aspects that need to be given serious attention by MPP are to nurture the culture of joy, happiness, respect and humanity, which have been mentioned several times by Minister of Education, Dr. Maszlee Malik.

“As such, MPP is responsible in promoting all four cultures through various programmes and activities so UMP will continue to be a pleasant and conducive learning place that also promotes unity,” he said.

Professor Dato’ Sri Dr. Daing Nasir also congratulates the student’s secretariat on their ability to run a smooth election that was held on November 26.

In line with the agenda set by the Minister of Education to empower the undergraduates, the election of MPP was handled by the undergraduates themselves.

With the success of this experiment, the university’s management was confident to have student involvement in the selection process to the maximum possible for the next election.

This positive development was not only significant in the context of enriching the students’ campus experience but was also important in giving exposure to the aspects of accountability, transparency and integrity that served as the basis of excellent organisational governance.

The MPP has 25 representatives and is led by its President Zakwan Zulkifle from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FKM).

Zakwan said MPP would play a role as an intermediary between the students and university management so their voices would be heard, adding, that would be the main element.

He also said although the relationship between the university management and students had already been established, it could still be improved.

He added that he would work hard to ensure that there would be a platform for students to increase their unique selling factor, regardless of the faculty.

Other aspects that would be given due attention was to empower the role of MPP, establish collaborations among the clubs in the university and to ensure the students’ welfare were taken good care of.

The university management also expressed their appreciation to the previous MPP representatives led by Muhammad Amrun Aniq Saidi.