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Strategic collaboration between UMP and Agrico for agricultural development Qatar in agricultural product development

BIL. 63 JAN 2020


Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) has ratified strategic cooperative ties with Agrico for Agricultural Development, Qatar (Agrico) which is a supplier for agricultural systems and greenhouse-grown produce in Doha, Qatar on January 20, 2020 in Kuala Lumpur. 

UMP will work together with Agrico in research, product development, commercialisation, and expertise exchange for use in agriculture which will be utilised in Agrico’s greenhouses in Doha, Qatar.

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) were the Vice-Chancellor of UMP, Professor Ir. Dr. Wan Azhar Wan Yusoff and Chairman of International Project Development, Agrico Agricultural Development, Qatar, Ahmed Hussain Al-Khalaf, witnessed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of UMP, Dato’ Sri Ibrahim Ahmad, Ambassador of Qatar in Malaysia, H.E Fahad Mohammed Kafoud, The Director General National Centre for Governance, Integrity  & Anti-Corruption, Prime Minister’s Department, Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed and Cameron Highlands District Officer, Dato' Ishak Md. Napis.   

According to Professor Ir. Dr. Wan Azhar, UMP welcomes this strategic cooperation with Agrico and hopes that this cooperation can benefit UMP in sharing expertise to meet industry needs in the future, not only within the country but also at an international level. 

BIL. 63 JAN 2020

“This cooperative bond will certainly elevate UMP’s credibility in leading high-level Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes.

“Besides the new formulation that will be developed, this collaboration will involve the exploration of new opportunities for the commercialisation of organic liquid fertiliser with prebiotics named Pre-Pecto, at a large scale. This product has been used by Agrico at a smaller scale, and the results have been outstanding.

“I am highly proud of the results and efforts which have been and currently are being achieved by UMP researchers, Dr. Noormazlinah Ahmad and Dr. Siti Hajar Noor Shaarani who are involved in this cooperation. 

“I hope for many more researchers at UMP will strive to explore further opportunities to cooperate with others on an international level, especially with Islamic countries worldwide,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Hussain Al-Khalaf said the joining efforts to bring about the first collaboration between the state of Qatar and Malaysia in the area of agricultural technology, with the hopes to establish a sustainable, consistent and quality production of food security for both Malaysia and Qatar. 

This initiative shall respond to the need to increase bilateral trade and investment cooperation between the two countries.

UMP is an established and competency-based technical university that specialises in the fields of engineering and technology and it strives to further enhance and strengthen its international linkage. 

The university has taken various initiatives to add to its educational excellence and has entered into various collaborative arrangements with respectable parties to enrich its academic and research activities.

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Do good with your life and bring happiness to others

BIL. 63 JAN 2020


Always enrich your life by doing good deeds and aiding others. 

Aiding others is not limited to giving away riches or material things, but it is enough to lend a helping hand to ease the burden of the people around us. What matters is the commitment to help regardless of position or relation, and it is the intent that counts. 

BIL. 63 JAN 2020

According to the Imam Besar of Pahang’s State Mosque, Ustaz Dato’ Haji Badli Shah Haji Alauddin, in daily life, the practice of congratulating other peoples’ success to share the joy with others is also a virtue. 

“Likewise, in interactions, we should speak with courteous language and use a level of language suitable to the situation when communicating, as we live in a society.  

“Having faith in others is a righteous act that ensures good relations between you and your friends. When your heart is free of misgiving, then all that is left in your heart is good faith in others. 

“At the same time, having faith in other people helps society avoid antagonism that only acts as a hindrance to unions and organisations.

“Rid yourself of spitefulness; amity and unison promote teamwork, uniting hearts and bringing good to others. For example, providing a relief stream for free meals for students and also for staff could bring them much joy,” he said on 21 January 2020 at the Banquet Hall, Chancellery, UMP Pekan.  

BIL. 63 JAN 2020

He added that there are four good deeds in the name of Allah SWT that elevates one’s status — pursuing beneficial knowledge, avoiding arrogance, helping others, and good conduct.

Concurrently, he also advised the UMP associates to continue their efforts and support the formation of SEJAHTERA to promote teamwork and harmony.  

Ustaz Dato’ Haji Badli Shah was present to present a speech titled ‘UMP Prosperity - Unity Begets Blessings’ in conjunction with Siri Keenam: Bicara Cendekiawan Mulia in conjunction with the First Biannual General Meeting of the Association of UMP Staff Welfare and Goodwill (SEJAHTERA).

Also in attendance were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International), Professor Ts. Dr. Mohd. Rosli Hainin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni), Professor Dato’ Dr. Yuserrie Zainuddin and Chairman of the SEJAHTERA Pro Tem Committee, Dr. Muhammed Nafis Osman Zahid. 

SEJAHTERA is a platform to gather all associates from various ranks as a large family in UMP that will continue to propel UMP’s core values. 

It is also seen as a catalyst in creating a community in UMP which has understanding, strong brotherhood, harmony, and mutual respect to continuing ‘Moving Together’ to achieve greatness.