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Commemorating Maulidur Rasul

Menghayati Maulidur Rasul


Muslims need to learn and commemorate Maulidur Rasul and the struggle endured by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in upholding the Islamic law. 

Menghayati Maulidur Rasul

The narration of the personality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who always practised moderation must be embodied in daily life.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs & Alumni), Professor Dato’ Dr. Yuserrie Zainuddin said that the sacrifice of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions blessed us with Iman and Islam today.

“The celebration of Maulidur Rasul is not just an annual event, but rather a manifestation of our love for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) especially in the context of leadership.

Menghayati Maulidur Rasul

“In the context of service, we as staff or students have a lot of lessons and values from the biography of the Prophet to integrate into daily activities,” he said during the officiation of the university-level Maulidur Rasul celebration on 11 December 2019. 

Also in attendance were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International), Professor Ts. Dr. Mohd Rosli Hainin and the Director of the Islamic and Human Development Centre (PIMPIN), Dr. Mahyuddin Ismail.

Menghayati Maulidur Rasul

Themed ‘Negara Rahmat Ummah Sejahtera’, this university-level Maulidur Rasul celebration gathered more than 500 UMP associates in a parade involving 21 contingents at the Student Activities Centre, UMP Pekan.

The event was resumed with a special lecture by the Assistant Director, Division of Family Islamic Law, Pahang Islamic Religious Department (JAIP), Ustaz Muhammad Amin Abd Mutalib, entitled ‘Mencintai Rasulullah Hingga ke Syurga’ and a qasidah from Tahfiz Centre Ribat Al-Mustafa, Sungai Karang Kuantan.

Campus Info

UMP awarded with SEDA accreditation for Energy Efficiency

UMP terima pengiktirafan SEDA bagi Kecekapan Tenaga

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) bagged the One Diamond Award for Low Carbon Buildings Assessment from Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) on December 13, 2019.

UMP became the first university in the country to receive such an award for efforts taken that had successfully proved its ability to efficiently manage energy consumption, the use of renewable energy and reduce carbon dioxide gas emission.

Green practice initiatives among Malaysians are highly encouraged especially when implementing ‘energy efficiency’ to reduce energy consumption.

UMP terima pengiktirafan SEDA bagi Kecekapan Tenaga

‘Energy efficiency’ is the ultimate goal in effective and optimal energy consumption management, thus reducing wastage.

Among the ‘energy efficiency’ practices that can be implemented are by replacing less efficient electrical appliances to energy efficiency ones, decreasing burden on mechanical equipment as it requires more energy to function, upgrading the roofing system and thermal insulation of buildings, having a good ventilation system and using energy-saving control systems for all electrical appliances.

UMP Energy Focus Group Leader, Professor Ir. Dr. Hassan Ibrahim said energy efficiency was often associated with minimum energy consumption in order to complete certain work and to increase the chances of saving and avoiding wastage.

“By applying energy conservation concept, it involves three categories – energy saving exercises with no cost, low cost and high cost.

UMP terima pengiktirafan SEDA bagi Kecekapan Tenaga

“To date, UMP is only applying energy saving practices through the concept of no cost and low cost.

“The university has managed to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 7.89 percent, which is equivalent to 883.87 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide and save power up to 1,273,585 kWh at its UMP Pekan Campus.

“It is a result from the awareness among campus community to conserve power in campus and through the process, helped to nurture the right attitude and discipline about the importance of sustainable energy,” he said.

In a move to ensure energy sustainability, the Unit of Sustainable and Green Campus was established under the Centre for Property Management and Development (PPPH) so energy management could be carried out in line with that of the university’s aspirations.

UMP terima pengiktirafan SEDA bagi Kecekapan Tenaga

Other initiatives implemented in UMP included the installation of various devices such as the Building Automation System (BAS), motion sensor lighting system in all toilets, timers at all walkways, a ‘master switch’ at bigger buildings and solar panels at the UMP administrative building as well as replacing of light bulbs to the energy-saving ones.

UMP has also taken the initiative in energy management by setting air-conditioning temperature at 24 degrees Celsius and this will allow for more saving in energy consumption without compromising the comfort of the users.

The university has embarked on energy management and conservation initiatives since 2012 and to date, 25 energy renewable and energy efficiency measures have been implemented, in a bid to reduce carbon dioxide emission in UMP Pekan Campus.

These efforts have also contributed to the university's achievement in the UI-GreenMetric World Ranking 2019 which was recently published and UMP was positioned at the 76th place in the world listing.

The rating was based on the measures taken in managing campus sustainability and environment that were centred on six main criteria - Infrastructure Setting and Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change, Waste, Water, Transportation and Education.

Campus Info

36 SPM leavers are excited to be at UMP

36 pelajar lepasan SPM teruja berada di Kampus UMP


A total of 36 SPM leavers along with five teachers from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Chiku 2, Gua Musang experienced the campus life in Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) on 3 December 2019.

36 pelajar lepasan SPM teruja berada di Kampus UMP

This two-day and one-night programme provided them with the boost to create success and path to university.

According to Zainuddin Yusof, the Principal of SMK Chiku 2, the programme was aimed to expose the students in choosing the right course in the institutes of higher learning (IHL) in line with their SPM results.

“I want them to make the best choice that must be based on the entry requirements and their interests in any field to be pursued.

36 pelajar lepasan SPM teruja berada di Kampus UMP

“To make it more meaningful, the students can experience the facilities in UMP, especially the technologies available at the laboratories for teaching and learning.

“UMP has been close to these students as several motivational programmes had been conducted especially involving UMP InSmartive Club,” he said.

According to Rabiatul Asyikin Mohd Zaki, 17, who participated in the programme, all students had the opportunity to gain knowledge so that they could prepare for the future and make an informed decision about the course that they plan to enrol into.

“I feel delighted because not everyone has the chance to get into university. 

“The two-day experience in UMP has been invaluable to us, and we hope the partnership between the school and UMP continues,” she said.

36 pelajar lepasan SPM teruja berada di Kampus UMP

She added that UMP Library is appealing. It is not only a place to borrow books and find references but also a place for student self-management and development after a long tiring day in classes.

They also had the chance to visit and try the facilities available in the library such as the karaoke room, virtual reality games using PlayStation 4 and Xbox, and various high-tech games with the latest software.

The students also participated in a motivational programme with the cooperation of UMP students from InSmartive Club.

Two new modules were introduced — Growth Mindset Challenge and Wheel of Fortune.

The contents of the modules were designed based on the six aspirations of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013–2025, which are knowledge, thinking skills, leadership skills, bilingual proficiency, ethics and spirituality, and national identity.

The excitement of joining this short visit catalysed their spirit to earn a place in university for pursuing study.