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Pisoptera Termite Bait Product going global

Pisoptera Termite Bait Product going global


UMP Ecopest Sdn. Bhd. a subsidiary of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), is surely making its international presence felt with its pre-marketing campaign carried out on the estates of India’s biggest producer of agarwood oil, Ajmal Perfumes.

The company was all set to use its environment friendly product, Pisoptera termite bait, on an acre of land belonging to Ajmal Perfumes as a testing site to treat the area which had been 99% affected by termites.

Pisoptera termite bait product is made from palm oil empty fruit bunch.

UMP Ecopest Managing Director, Syukor Abd.Razak said termites were bad for the growth of agarwood trees, resulting in the decline of quality in its production.

“Pisoptera product is made from pam oil empty fruit bunch that are scoured and dried before they are dissolved in Archive 18.3 that contains the active ingredient of Imidachloprid.

“UMP Ecopest gives a two-year guarantee and during that duration, there will be follow-up treatments carried out every six months,” said Syukor who is also the product’s lead researcher.

The first follow-up treatment will be conducted in February 2019.

Syukor also said if Ajmal Perfumes was satisfied with the services provided by UMP Ecopest, they would allocate more of its areas which had been affected by termites to be treated with the Pisoptera product.

He hoped that the project would serve its purpose and help solve termite-related problems and in the process, boost up Pisoptera products in the international market.

UMP Ecopest General Manager, Fikri Abdul Gani was also among the members of delegation who left for Assam for a discussion with Ajmal Perfumes.