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Hussein Al-Faiz receives 2 Excellence Awards

Hussein Al-Faiz receives 2 Excellence Awards

KUANTAN, August 6, 2022 - A keen interest in robotics has resulted in a double success for Hussein Al-Faiz Mohamed Ahmed Hafez, 26, who is a graduate of the Bachelor (Hons) Automotive Engineering - Collaboration Program with the University of Applied Sciences, Germany when he received two awards at the UMP 16th Convocation Ceremony.

Hussein Al-Faiz received the UMW Holdings Bhd. Excellence Award and the Verein Deutscher Ingeniure Association of German Engineers Award (VDI).

He was very surprised and did not expect to receive two major awards from UMP.

“However, I am very grateful for the awards and consider it an impetus to continue achieving success.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my loved ones for always encouraging me to complete my study.

“Not forgotten the UMP lecturers and friends who always helped and gave words of encouragement when I was in a stressful situation,” he said.

Hussein also shared his experience in Germany while attending the collaboration programme with the University of Applied Sciences, Germany when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world.

“At that time, the university was under lockdown and all classes were held online.

“Classes were conducted in German and it was difficult to understand what the lecturer was teaching.

“There is only a final exam because 100 percent of the score is from the exam and in German, so I have to prepare proactively and intensively.

“I replayed the video recording of the German lecturer and translated the content that he delivered in the lecture,” he said.

In addition, he formed a study group with his best friend, Alyxie Anthony and tried to answer the past year exam questions.

The Kuala Lumpur-born said that while studying at UMP, he often won robotics competitions such as the ROBOCON 2019 Competition, UTHM-Fraunhofer Corporate Makeathon 2019 (National Level), and Top 10 Winners of the SOLIDWORKS Skills Competition 2019 for East Coast Region.

He said it was an unforgettable experience to win first place in the UTHM-Fraunhofer Corporate Makeathon 2019 (National Level) competition.

He and his friends worked hard to devise brilliant ideas to make it easier for Petronas employees to carry out maintenance work.

Because their team has their own expertise, their ideas were well realised in front of the jury.

According to the son of Professor Mohamed Ahmed Hafez and Sham Awab, his keen interest in robotics began in primary school when he often invented his robots using milk boxes and plastic plates.

“Then my teacher invited me to participate in the LEGO Minstorm competition.

“That’s when my interest grew in exploring skills in robotics,” he said.

The eldest of the three siblings is currently starting a business with his partner, Harun Dzulquornain Idris through the Tunas Usahawan Belia Bumiputera (TUBE) programme by providing robotics services and solutions for augmented and virtual reality in Pekan Pahang through GREST Engineering and Consultancy Services.

He said, since Harun is currently pursuing his master’s degree at UMP, at this early stage, they will start their business in Pekan first.

At the same time, Hussein is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Kajang.

Hussein hoped that UMP would continue its dual degree or exchange programmes and provide more opportunities for the students by exposing them to study abroad.

Apart from Hussein, the Verein Deutscher Ingeniure Association of German Engineers Award was awarded to Ng Jin Yun who is currently pursuing his study in Germany.

Hussein Al-Faiz receives 2 Excellence Awards

By: Nor Salwana Mohammad Idris, Corporate Communications Division, Chancellery Department

Translation by: Dr. Rozaimi Abu Samah, Engineering College/Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering Technology

Reports by:
Siti Nurfarmy binti Ibrahim