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Recipient of 7 Dean’s List Awards, Nurul Nadiah receives 2 Excellence Awards

Recipient of 7 Dean’s List Awards, Nurul Nadiah receives 2 Excellence Awards

Nurul Nadiah Abdul Halim, a graduate of Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Natural Resources, really made her parents proud when she obtained the Dean's Award for seven consecutive semesters.
She is the eldest daughter of Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid and Hayati Mohd Yusoff and she has a philosophy to do the best in anything and become a person who can contribute to the nation.
Her secrets of excellence are early preparation, ask diligently, be resourceful, committed, focused and leave the rest to Allah.
She was chosen to receive the UMP Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Excellence Award and Matahari Srikandi Award during the 14th UMP Convocation Ceremony recently. 
Nurul Nadiah actively   participated  in co-curricular  activities.  She   held   the   position   of Vice-President for Earth Week 2018 programme and Lanjuran Interaksi with EOSH Secretariate USM 2017.
She loves volunteering work and involved as a volunteer in Bank Rakyat Sports Carnival, Program Koi Sayang Alam Sekitar (I Love the Environment) and Replanting Forest Trees Programme with Bera District Phase 5.
She also joined research competition such as  Creation, Innovation, Technology & Research Exposition (CITREx), International  Festival  of  Innovation  on  Green   Technology   &    Ideas (i-FINOG) and International Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX).
“My proudest achievement was when my team and I managed to bag a gold medal in CITREx 2019.
“We sent two projects and the other project won a bronze medal. All the efforts and hard work of all the team members have been very valuable,” she said.
She is currently working as a civil and structural engineer at a consulting firm in Kuantan.
Nadiah also aspires to pursue her study in the future.

Reports by:
Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri