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20 UMP staff ‘conquered’ Mount Kinabalu

20 UMP staff ‘conquered’ Mount Kinabalu


September 6, 2019 was a historical and memorable date for 20 Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) staff who successfully scaled the Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in South East Asia, standing at 4,905.2 metres (13,455 feet) from sea level.
According to d’Puncak Expedition Programme Director, Mohd Shahrul Azuar, the participants who were from various faculties underwent physical and mental training by having hiking trainings to ensure that they were fit for the climb.
“Planning for the expedition began early this year which was in support of the university’s call for healthy lifestyle. 
“We took up the challenge that tested our mental and physical strength as well helped instil teamwork spirit. It was also a medium that helped build strong and sturdy self-confidence,” he said.
All of the participants started their climb at the Timpohan Gate after listening to a briefing at 9am before proceeding to tackle the six-kilometre challenging steps that included vertical ascends.
They reached the Laban Rata base camp which was located 3,272 metres from sea level and continued their climb at 2am the next day to complete their mission to be on top of the mountain, known as the Low’s Peak.
They moved in smaller groups during the cold and dark climb, accompanied by the mountain guides.
Some managed to reach in time to see their hard work paid off to watch the beautiful scenery and sunrise.
After four hours of climbing that really tested their physical and mind strength, 10 of them completed their mission and reached the peak at 6.30am.
No words could explain their feelings upon reaching the top of Mount Kinabalu.
One of the participants, Dr. Amir Abd Razak said it was a proud achievement when all of them reached Laban Rata base camp safely despite experiencing a ‘summit attack’ earlier in the morning.
“We had to endure strong wind and cold weather with the temperature dipping at 3 degree Celsius,” he said.
The participants comprised heads of department, lecturers and staff members from Faculty of Civil Engineering Technology (FTKA), Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology (FTKEE), Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering Technology (FTKKP), Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Technology (FTKMA) and College of Engineering. Previously, they were Faculty of Engineering Technology (FTeK) staff.
According to Professor Dato’ Dr. Zularisam Abdul Wahid of FTKA, it was difficult to breathe normally because of thin air.
“Although not everyone managed to reach to the top, it was not however the main objective. I am proud with all of the participants who took part in the expedition.
“My advice for the participants was for them to believe in their own ability and to strive for their own individual betterment. It was a priceless experience and valuable when facing with all kinds of challenges including those at work,” he said.
He added that he was proud to see the spirit and commitment of the participants and those involved in managing all the needs required throughout the expedition.
“It was an exhaustive experience but it did not deter them from celebrating their accomplishment in completing the mission, something that they would remember for the rest of their lives.
“It was indeed very meaningful and historical as it was accomplished at the time when the faculty was undergoing a rebranding and the university, with its organisational restructuring,” he said.

Reports by:
Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri