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The song 'Kita Jaga Kita’ by UMP students on advise against COVID-19

A group of students from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) made a remake of the song “Sakit” by Zynakal, changing its lyrics to advise Malaysians in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 that has affected countries around the world, titled ‘Kita Jaga Kita’ (‘We Protect Each Other’).

With academic backgrounds in Engineering and Technology, these students’ creative effort was a calling developed while undergoing the Movement Control Order (MCO) which has been implemented in Malaysia since 18 March.

The students involved are Nur Nissa Halimah Rahmat, a student from Faculty of Computing and her two friends; Haris Nufail Shamshul Azri from Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Technology, and Dinie Almatin Asfarin from the Faculty of Civil Engineering Technology.

They are also members of the Solo Singing Club, UMP's Culture and Arts Secretariat.
During the interview, Nur Nissa stated that she firstly wanted to express her gratitude to Zynakal for allowing the usage of his song and the club advisor, Noor Afiza Mohd Azmi who has given much encouragement to her and her friends.

"The production of the song was an effort in response to the government's call to the people to work together and be united in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic," she said.

She also shared her experience in producing the song which took a day.

“It took us about two hours to come up with lyrics that included elements of advice.”

"We then sang and recorded the song individually from our own homes.”

"Once the recording process was completed, we further communicated and emailed the material for further processing," she said.

Although they were undergoing MCO at home, it did not stop them from producing the song especially with the ease of the latest technology, as Nur Nissa lives with family in Johor Bahru, Harris in Perak, and Dinie in Selangor.

She added that some of the challenges faced were limited internet access. However, it was not a major obstacle.

She further highlighted that the song was a dedication for Malaysians, especially as a tribute to the COVID-19 frontliners.

She hoped that the song would  raise awareness and to serve as a reminder to fellow Malaysians.

She believes that the song’s message is one of the best approaches to occupy people's time who are currently undergoing MCO either at home and on campus.

This song has been uploaded to UMPTV’s YouTube channel at and is shared on UMPMalaysia Facebook page.

Among the lyrics is a call for the cooperation of Malaysians to fight COVID-19, be wary, a misstep will be disastrous. Without caution, COVID-19 is easily infected and the disease is not easy to stop.

Aside from focusing on their studies, these students are known on campus to be active in singing as they have been actively performing at most of the University’s official events.

Lyrics of "Kita Jaga Kita” (We care for/protect each other)

It's a request for all
Open your heart and open your eyes
It's a plea to all
To avoid corona

Dear friends, let's work together
Come on people, let's take care of Malaysia
Let's fight the corona, don’t fumble
This error could be dangerous

When a person is sick, be careful
It hurts him but not just him
This Covid-19 is easily infectious
The disease is not easy to stop

We must listen to the instructions
We must stop this disease
Cooperate, don't be selfish

Oh order control, movement control
So please remember, i’ll remind 
Just stay at home, stay with family
Or friends, oh we protect each other

Oh, be diligent with washing your hands
When something is needed
Let only one go

It's a request for all
Open your heart and open your eyes
It's a plea to all
To avoid corona

This disease is destroyed when we work together
Wake up friends, let’s fight corona
Police army doctors nurses are protecting the country
Just stay at your home guys, we protect each other

Oh the virus is everywhere
Don't be ignorant
Don't go crazy
Everything is on you

Corpses are scattered
You still don't understand
Once it hits you
Then you’ll be scared to death

Keep your eyes open
Don't seek death
As death is heartless
Then you'll be terrified

Let wealth not be luxury
As long as there’s no complain
Just stay at home
Do what is right

Original song: Sakit by Zynakal

-Nur Nissa Halimah binti Rahmat
-Haris Nufail bin Shamshul Azri

Singer and Editor
-Nur Nissa Halimah binti Rahmat
(Year 3 - Faculty of Computing)
-Haris Nufail bin Shamshul Azri
(Year 1- Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Technology)
-Dinie Almatin bin Asfarin
(Year 1 - Faculty of Civil Engineering Technology)

Video: Adrenaline Aural Voice Art Group, UMP Culture and Arts Secretariat in collaboration with UMP Sports and Culture Center.

Translation by: Aminatul Nor Mohamed Said, Faculty Of Computing


Reports by:
Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri