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40 UMP students recognised for Mercu Sanjung Award

KUANTAN, 15 March 2023 - A total of 40 Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) students won the Mercu Sanjung Award (MARS) in the Mercu Sanjung Award (MARS) Ceremony in recognition of their success in the aspects of leadership, sports, culture, volunteerism, entrepreneurship, public speaking, innovation and others through their involvement in self-development activities.

UMP focuses on sustainable development to convey Malaysia Madani idea

PEKAN, 16 March 2023 - The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman delivered a Public Lecture titled ‘UMP Madani’ which focused on the Malaysia Madani Idea by implementing a comprehensive work movement to realise the university’s desire to achieve the aspirations of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in line with the national agenda.

UMP introduces set of Menu Kasih Rahmah

GAMBANG, 24 February 2023 - Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) launched a lunch set of Menu Kasih Rahmah offered to UMP residents that can be enjoyed at RM5.

The event was officiated by the UMP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Ts. Dr. Yuserrie Zainuddin located at Orange Cafe near UMP Advanced office building and Faculty of Industrial Management at UMP Gambang which at the same time also officiated DMagia Cafe which just started its operation.

Projek Fertigasi Timun ECERDC-UMP memperkasa sosioekonomi orang asli

LIPIS, 9 April 2023 – Projek Fertigasi Timun yang dijalankan oleh Majlis Pembangunan Wilayah Ekonomi Pantai Timur (ECERDC) dan UMP Advanced bersama masyarakat orang asli Kampung Pantos capai matlamat dalam memperkasa sosioekonomi orang  asli  apabila berjaya mengeluarkan hasil yang memberangsangkan.

Hasil tinjauan telah diadakan semasa sesi lawatan ke tapak Projek Fertigasi Timun oleh pihak UMP Advanced dan ECERDC, Yayasan Petronas dan MyKasih.

The Ifiter program succeeded in fostering health awareness

PEKAN, March 17, 2023 - The I Fit and Eat Right (IFITER) program organized by the UMP Health Centre has succeeded in raising awareness among citizens concerned on health through healthy lifestyle practices and balanced nutrition.

In this program, Administrative Executive Assistant, Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering Technology (FTKKP), Norfarahani A. Bakar was crowned as the champion when she managed to lose 10 kilograms out of 102.5 kilograms.

She won a cash prize of RM1,000.

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