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UMP prepares graduates of management and technical knowledge in business engineering

UMP prepares graduates of management and technical knowledge in business engineering

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) is a well-known, world-class and five-star technology university that offers quality and accredited engineering and technology-based programmes.
It is the University of Choice of school leavers and working adults to pursue their studies in diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degree.
One of the programmes that have received international accreditation is its dual-degree programme, which is a result of collaborations with two universities from Germany, Hochscule Karlsruhe Und Wirtschaft (HsKA) and Reutlingen University (HsR).
The dual-degree programme between UMP and HsKA is the bachelor’s degree in mechatronic engineering and the dual-degree programme between UMP and HsR is the bachelor’s degree in business engineering.
According to Business Engineering Programme Head at Faculty of Industrial Management (FIM), Dr. Lee Khai Loon, executives equipped with the technical skills and knowledge in business management were said to be the most sought after workers, especially in meeting demands and challenges expected in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
“As such, FIM offers the Business Engineering programme, introduced four years ago. It provides the opportunity for those who wish to have basic engineering skills and are interested to learn about business management, the basis to launch their careers.
“Students will complete their first two years in UMP and for those who fulfilled the academic qualifications required, they can continue their remaining study years in Reutlingen University.  
“The advantage is that students will obtain two degrees – Bachelor’s Degree in Business Engineering with Honours from UMP and Bachelor’s Degree in Operational Management and International Logistics from HsR.
“They will also get to learn the German language, the culture and gain experience from the industrial sector in the country itself. To date, the first five students from this programme have graduated last year,” he said.
Dr. Lee said the programme was expected to fulfil objectives outlined in the 11th Malaysian Plan which was to create more engineering-based entrepreneurs and spur growth in the small and medium industries (SMIs).
It was pertinent to form a strong synergy between the needs of industries and sound business knowledge and as such, graduates produced must be able to meet and understand the significant essentials required by the industries.
It was also the university’s aspiration to produce more skilled workers in the business and engineering industry to cater to the demands of industrial areas such as in Pekan, Gebeng and Temerloh in Pahang and Kerteh and Kemaman in Terengganu.
Graduates from this programme would be valuable workers for they would have practical industrial knowledge as well as being multi-lingual.
As for UMP and HsR, both universities are set to be the hub for international education and promote applied and innovative research collaborations at the international level.

German companies operating in Malaysia such as Mercedes Benz, Bosch, Infineon, BASF and Siemens would gain benefits too for they would be able to hire competent people.

As for Malaysia and Germany, both countries would get to further intensify their human capital development and economic growth.

Reports by:
Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri