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COVID-19: Take advantage of time and opportunities to add value

KUANTAN, 12 March 2021 - Part-time work is not an unfamiliar situation for university students who want to generate side income to cover daily expenses. It also aims to gather valuable experience to get a real job upon graduation.
The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world has caused the learning of university students to be implemented online as a new norm since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18 March 2020.
Furthermore, some students have the flexibility of their time table that gives them free time that can be filled with many beneficial activities, including finding part-time work without interrupting the learning schedule.
For Ali Imran Rozli Sham, 22, a student at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology (FTKEE) UMP, said he started working as a runner at Butik Dadahunyai in Kuantan since the middle of last year.
“Since many learning sessions are conducted online, so I decided to work while studying.
“At least by working, I no longer have to ask for money for daily expenses from my parents to ease their burden,” said the eldest of five siblings.
The son of Rozli Sham Haron, 49 and Rosnah Zakaria, 51, said that during the teaching and learning (T&L) duration, he was able to juggle his time as best he could.
“The job as a runner also gives me free time to allow me to focus on my studies.
“If there is a topic that I missed or do not understand, I will contact my friends and revise the topic,” he said.
In his opinion, online learning is still adaptable although sometimes it is difficult to understand, especially for technical subjects.
His story was once viralled on Facebook when his lecturer posted a picture of him sitting for an exam in a store at his workplace last semester.
It is a source of inspiration for him when he could fulfil his responsibilities as a student and working did not deter him from sitting for exams.
He was shocked when he received encouragement messages and wishes for his success while sitting for the exam.
He said his story began to spread when his lecturer, Dr. Abdul Nasir Abd Ghafar asked him to turn on the camera during the examination session.
“My lecturer uploaded the picture on Facebook and from there, my story became known to many,” he said.
He was also grateful and thankful to his employer, Nurul Huda Johar who was very caring and understanding of his situation, especially during the final examination week.
The boutique owner also often advised himself to study hard and not to waste the opportunities available.
He also thanked his family, employer, UMP lecturers and friends who encouraged and prayed for his success and hoped that the COVID-19 pandemic will end soon to enable him and his friends to return to the campus to continue their studies as usual.
However, he jokingly said that he would continue to work part-time without affecting his studies if online learning continued.
In addition to earning pocket money, the work done will definitely be an added value for personal biodata (resume) and the valuable experience that he collected will be a preparation for him to step into the working world after graduation.
By: Nor Salwana Mohd Idris, Corporate Communication Unit, The Office of The Vice-Chancellor
Translation by: Dr. Rozaimi Abu Samah, Engineering College/Faculty of  Chemical and Process Engineering Technology

Reports by:
Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri