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6 New Students Selected for Mygift Education Incentive

6 New Students Selected for Mygift Education Incentive

Kuantan, 2 September – It’s like a dream come true. That is what Mugunthan A/L Krishnan felt when he get the offer to further his study at Faculty of Chemical & Natural Resources Engineering in UMP. 

It has been his dream to continue his studies at the university, but with the death of his father and his mother illness, and the financial burdens his family has to bear with, makes him think twice to further his study. However, with the advice and encouragement from his mother, Kamalaa Devi a / p Muniandy, Mugunthan was determined to step foot into the university.  

“While waiting for the offer, I worked at a factory in Seremban. With that salary, I help my mum and sister with their daily needs and I save the rest. It is from that saving that I use to cover the expanses to come here and further my study,” said former King George student. 

What is more exciting when they arrived at the campus, UMP representative informed that he is one of the recipients for UMP Education Incentive. Mugunthan was moved with the concern shown by UMP by offering a place at UMP Guest House on the registration day. 

Besides Mugunthan, another five new students were also selected to receive MyGift Education Incentive. They were Mohd. Al-Amin Shafizal Muhd. Suhaimi, Nasya Aiman Zainal Abidin, Ummul Aqilah Zulkifli, Nurillya Zah Zahimi and Nur Izzatul Iffah Mazlan.