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‘Gotong Royong’ by UMP students to clean up Batu Hitam beach

‘Gotong Royong’ by UMP students to clean up Batu Hitam beach

A total of 40 volunteers comprising Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) students from the Siswa Brigade Section 19G took part in a programme called, ‘Stay Clean With UMP’ which involved cleaning up the popular beach of Batu Hitam in Beserah here on March 30, 2019.
The programme, aimed at highlighting the importance of protecting the environment, was jointly organised by the Centre of Co-Curriculum, Department of Student Affairs and Kuantan Municipal Council. 
Programme Director and Faculty of Civil Engineering & Earth Resources (FKASA) undergraduate, Nur Ailah Taklima Zukri said the focus was on the cleaning activity and to make it a sustainable area so the beach would be cleaner, sunnier and more conducive.
“With a cleaner beach and beautiful scenery, it will be able to attract the public to come here for recreational activities or simply have a family outing.
“Also, the place is one of the popular attractions in Pahang,” she said.
She also said they had placed garbage bins that were created by the undergraduates that were made from recycled items such as bottles and old tyres in a bid to encourage the locals to be more appreciative of the beach and its beauty.
UMP Psychology Officer and Programme Director, Paridah Mohd Ali said activities such as this were in line with university’s aspiration in instilling the spirit of volunteerism and for students to be more concerned about the environment.
“They must always be nurtured with the values of being helpful to one another including in making the university more social-friendly with the outside community.
“This will be seen as supporting the implementation of a green campus aimed at creating a healthy surrounding and instil a sense of responsibility and thoughtfulness among UMP community towards the environment,” she said.
She hoped that the efforts taken by the UMP volunteers would educate visitors to the beach to work together to make the beach a cleaner and beautiful place.