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Resolution towards fulfilling UMP’s vision as a leading technology university

For the very first time, all 80 members of the University Board of Directors (UBD) and the university management including the deans, directors, heads of department and senior officers got together in a programme called UMP Team Excellence.

The objective was to gather and collect ideas and recommendations that would fulfil UMP’s vision to be the leading technology university, one with a global status and financially sustainable.

Campus Sustainability - one of UMP’s Agendas for Excellence

Among the priorities that Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) has always placed upon was the campus greening agenda, a programme which has its place in the planning of the university’s annual budget. 

The university’s main campus that is located in Kuala Pahang is developed on swampland that has been strengthened and reinforced with sand and this has been the main challenge to ensure that trees planted on the land survived.

Malam Antarabangsa Kongsi Budaya Pelbagai Negara

Kuantan, 19 Disember –  Malam Antarabangsa Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) anjuran Pejabat Antarabangsa dan Kelab Pelajar Antarabangsa berjaya menghimpunkan lebih 900 pelajar antarabangsa daripada 30 buah negara yang sedang mengikuti pengajian di universiti ini dalam suasana meriah di Blok W UMP Gambang.

Resolusi ke arah pencapaian visi UMP Teknologi Terunggul 

Kuala Lumpur, 2 Disember – Buat julung kalinya seramai 80 orang melibatkan barisan ahli Lembaga Pengarah Universiti (LPU) dan pengurusan universiti termasuk dekan, pengarah, ketua jabatan dan pegawai kanan universiti berkumpul dalam program UMP Team Excellence bagi mengumpul idea dan cadangan untuk dijadikan resolusi merealisikan visi UMP sebagai Universiti Teknologi Terunggul yang mampan dari segi kewangan serta bertaraf global.

12 UMP MASKUM volunteers brought cheers to orphans in Aceh

A total of 12 volunteers from Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) took time off to bring some cheers to orphans at Mukanol Udubiyah Orphanage in Acheh on December 5, 2018.

They were part of the volunteers from the Malaysia Universities Volunteer Council (MASKUM).

They helped to spruce up the place by adding ferro-cement chairs and tables and shared their experience in making keropok lekor that was later feted to the orphans, totalling 50 of them.

‘Friendship’ takes audience down memory lane of their school days

Waris Theatre Club staged a play titled, ‘Friendship’ which was about friendship among five students from Cempedak Class of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Warisan and the conflicts they had with their teachers. 

There were also love stories and past histories of two best friends, Pok Tam and Bird, who had several unresolved issues that made the play more dynamic.

The actors put up a good show as they took the audience along down memory lane of what was it like during school days.

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