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45 FKASA students turned nature lovers

45 FKASA students turned nature lovers


Forty-five students from Faculty of Civil Engineering & Earth Resources (FKASA) including foreign students joined forces in a noble act to conserve the environment by planting 500 mangrove tree saplings and cleaning up the shoreline of Chendor beach in Kuantan here on October 27, 2018.

According to FKASA Dean, Dr. Mohamad Idris Ali, everyone was responsible in protecting the environment but there were some who were simply selfish and cared less about the nature.

“They litter everywhere including the river and sea, causing pollution. There are a lot of pollutants including chemical substance and as such, this programme aims at creating awareness among the students on the importance of protecting the coastline,” he said.

He added that it was an eye-opener for the students and the right thing to do so they could get better understanding on the importance to safeguard the environment and increase awareness on the dangers of polluted beaches.

“Apart from planting trees, we also help to clean up the area as plastics, drinking straws, bottles and other types of garbage pose dangers to the marine life especially the turtles as these reptiles may think that the plastics are jelly fish which is their food,” he said.

He also said he was satisfied with the commitment showed by the volunteers.

Also present at the event were Deputy Dean (Academic and Student Affairs,) Noram Irwan Ramli and Programme Director, Dr. Doh Shu Ing.
Dr. Doh said the programme started with a briefing session about mangrove and that trees were planted to act as natural guard against waves or strong surge like tsunami.

They then began to clean up the beach area and walked some 10km along the beach and the amount of garbage collected were stuffed inside at least 30 bags. 

They also released 20 baby turtles or hatchlings to the sea.

Turtles are becoming extinct and the number of landings made in the country’s coastal line has declined.