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Engineering students involved with printing business on campus

Engineering students involved with printing business on campus

Recognizing the interest of university students in sports apparel, this kind of idea gave the idea of Civil Engineering Technology student, Pan Chuan Sin, 24, a venture into the field of sports apparel printing business.
He started the printing business with a focus on sports apparel printing services including Jersey, Jersey Full Set with Pan, Muslimah Long Sleeve, Plain T, Sports Polo T, and Sport Tech.

Pan also offers custom-made clothing design services that customers want at a reasonable price.

Prices range from RM10.00 to RM50.00 depending on quantity, design, and materials.

In addition, Pan also runs a sub-contract event printing business for printing materials such as banners, bunting, flyers, artcard printing for program use at UMP.

According to Pan, the prices offered are much cheaper and affordable compared to the print shops in Kuantan.

“In addition, they are able to quickly complete their assignments at the last minute according to customer needs.

"Although tied to the busy schedule on campus, it is not a hindrance for Pan to venture into the business as he can gain valuable experience while also relying on earning extra income to cover his own expenses without burdening his family.

“Students now need to gain additional skills like the knowledge that can be applied along with the skills acquired during their university studies.

"Instead of relying solely on academic knowledge, students also need to be smart in digging into the beginning stages of business," he said.

He said he had always been interested in this business and wanted to learn to be independent without expecting his family and now he could earn up to RM 2,000 a month.

“The biggest challenge is to market the product to the consumer which takes a long time to study and implement it as well as strong finances.

However, the UMP Entrepreneurship Center provides a lot of advice and guidance especially in business plan management as well as opening up space for students to market their products,” said Terengganu's teaser.
He also intends to open full-time and part-time jobs to UMP students.
For anyone interested in booking apparel or for students interested in exploring this field, please contact Sport Tech Apparel online (011-5885 5881) for more information.

By: Siti Nurfarmy, Public And Media Relations Unit, Office Of The Vice-Chancellor

Translation by: Aminatul Nor Mohamed Said, Faculty Of Computing