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UMP goes the extra mile to assist new undergraduate Amrina

UMP goes the extra mile to assist new undergraduate Amrina

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) recently went the extra mile to help new undergraduate, Amrina Rusyada Mat Kamal, made it to campus ground in Gambang, after she was offered to enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management at the university for the 2019/2020 intake session.
Relating the benevolence experience, Amrina’s mother, Rohana Rashid, 52, said she was elated when her beloved daughter was offered to pursue her tertiary studies at UMP, but became worried of the cost she had to bear to send her over.
Being a single mother from Kampung Singkir Genting in Merbok, Kedah, Rohana said it had never crossed her mind that her family would become the recipient of UMP’s extraordinary goodwill assistance – in arranging the logistics for her daughter to travel across the peninsula to Gambang, Pahang.
She had initially thought of seeking help from Amrina’s uncle to drive them to the university in time for the new students’ registration day.
But, just a few days before the registration, Rohana was pleasantly surprised by a call from UMP, with the latter saying it had made the necessary arrangements to come fetch and drive the whole family to the university.
According to Rohana, she couldn’t believe her luck, and was even skeptical that a public institution of higher education would go out of its way to provide such assistance.
“We’ve all heard of financial assistance provided by universities for academically outstanding students, but for one to arrange logistics and transportation to the campus for registration is truly extraordinary,” she exclaimed. 
“In fact, I had to ask around, with relatives and neighbours, if they’ve heard of such provision. And all reacted rather surprised, and were also doubtful of such assistance,” Rohana remarked.
But to her disbelief, come registration day on Saturday (date here), 2019, UMP staff appeared at Rohana’s doorstep.
From that memorable moment, her skepticism turned into an emotional experience, having being inspired by such kind gesture.
Rohana felt ever more touched, when UMP did not only provide transportation from her home in Merbok to the campus ground in Gambang, but went further to accommodate the family at the university’s guest residence, complete with in-house meals throughout the registration process.

“My heartfelt gratitude to UMP for extending a helping hand and all the assistance. For a Nasi Lemak seller like me, I figured the travelling expenditure itself would have cost the university more than RM500 – that is a substantially significant amount to spare,” she humbly said.
Having been encouraged by such benevolence experience, Rohana strongly advised Amrina to study and work hard for a better and successful future.
Concurring with her mother, Amrina said she was deeply touched by UMP’s display of extraordinary compassion for her and her family’s plight.
Together with 69 other new undergraduates, Amrina was also a recipient of the university’s MyGift Initiative, presented in conjunction with the 2019/2020 Bachelor’s Degree enrolment on September 2, 2019. 
Each recipient gets RM1,000 cash assistance from the Bank Rakyat Foundation’s Fund on Tertiary Education Financial Assistance.

Reports by:
Siti Nur Azwin binti Zulkapri