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Leadership and Leading by Example: Navigating The Shadow of Silent Bullying

The issue of workplace bullying appears to be gaining traction in the public discourse. In this regard, higher education institutions are not an exception. A majority of those who have been subjected to bullying in academia have not reported the behaviour to their institutions for fear of retaliation. In the majority of cases, intimidation was condoned by a superior, such as the dean of the faculty, staff holding senior positions, or junior staff holding power positions.  

Student Voice: Assessing Oral Presentations In Virtual and Physical Settings

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed traditional educational practices, forcing educational institutions worldwide to transition to online learning platforms rapidly. Instructors and students have no other option but to adapt to new pedagogical approaches that suit the instructional sessions and assessments conducted in virtual settings. 

Harnessing Real-World Projects: A Strategic Proposal for Industry Engagement and Income Generation in Malaysia’s Technical Universities

As the financial landscape of higher education evolves globally, innovative solutions are being sought. A forward-thinking approach involves the transformation of classrooms in Malaysia’s technical universities into project centres. In these centres, academic staff mentor students to develop real-world solutions for projects provided by industry clients. This model aligns with national policy goals and serves a dual purpose: acting as an income source and promoting experiential learning.

Kemerdekaan Acuan Malaysia

Setelah mencapai kemerdekaan, bukan satu tugas mudah untuk mengekalkan kemerdekaan. Syukur alhamdulillah, kita akan menyambut ulang tahun kemerdekaan kali yang ke-66 tahun pada 31 Ogos 2023. 

Tulislah untuk Malaysia

Tanggal 31 Ogos 1957 negara kita merdeka, manakala 16 September 1963 adalah hari penubuhan Persekutuan Malaysia. Maka penulisan ini adalah untuk menyedarkan kita semua bahawa warga negara ini mempunyai peranan masing-masing bagi memastikan negara Malaysia terus maju dan membangun. Negara ini membangun maju disebabkan peranan watan atau warga Malaysia. Justeru, jalankan peranan masing-masing berdasarkan kekuatan yang mereka miliki. Kekal atau musnahnya kemerdekaan adalah disebabkan faktor warganya.

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